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Go to You will course cards on the home page. Choose the course in your preferred language (English, Marathi, Hindi) and click on ‘Buy Now’.

If you have not signed up on SAF India Academy, it will prompt you to sign up via Facebook, Gmail, or Mobile number. Follow the process and sign up. You will be directed to the payments page.

The Advanced course can be completed within 7 hours and is ideal for IC members, heads of organizations and higher and middle management. The Basic course can be completed in 45 minutes and is ideal for all employees.

In both the courses, you will be able to:

• Distinguish between what constitutes and what does not constitute as sexual harassment at the workplace and analyse several ways to prevent such behaviour.
• You will understand the mind-sets that lead to sexual harassment behaviours.
• It will help you get clarity on the guidelines under the POSH Law.
• You will also explore how to go beyond legal compliances to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.

The Advanced course offers more in-depth understanding of the topics, whereas the Basic course gives an overview.

The course will be available on the website first. However, we will be launching an app soon as well.

Yes, you will receive a completion certificate. It will be jointly certified by the Maharashtra State Commission for Women and SAF India Academy.

Yes, more than 1 person can do this course. However, multiple people cannot do the course from 1 account. For example, you will need to buy 5 quantity of the same course, if 5 people want to enrol in it.

The Advance and Basic course is available in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.

For any technical support/queries please send us an email on


call on (+91) 8530464545