About us


India is a diverse country with a large part of the population living in semi-urban and rural areas. Our users are increasingly warming up to technology and its usage. We believe that technology enabled access to knowledge can transform every individual’s life.

This platform is a first-of-its-kind portal where all content is created specifically for Indian audiences. In the upcoming months, we will introduce more courses in regional languages adding value to the lives of our learners.

Our courses are designed keeping in mind our learners. They are created by domain experts in relevant fields and are designed to engage the user to ensure 100% learning through interactive activities, baseline, end-line and continuous assessments.

How it all started

Shyamchi Aai Foundation (SAF) www.safindia.org , a leading not-for-profit organization in the field of education, has been creating quality online courses for students and teachers in India in partnership with the Government for the past five years. The online content as well as customized technology has been accepted widely by its users.

After receiving appreciation at state and national level, the SAF team felt the need to create content for all types of learners. Thus, SAF India Academy was formed.